A Time to Keep Silence?

I can’t speak for any other contributor to this site but, in response to Mr Brown’s query, I have to say for my own part that I think I have had nothing to add to the conversation for weeks, and I don’t see that situation changing any time soon.

An Antichrist – if not THE Antichrist – is at the helm of the Church. The devils are swarming all over the world like they own the place. The Turk is not only at the gate, but actually within the gate. Our youth is pallow and wasted with dissolute and evil living. Our laws are farcical. Our government is in the hands of traitors. We’re going to war again in the Middle East.

So what else is new?

I believe this is a time of grace, sent by God for us to prepare for what is coming; the calm before the storm. Heroic deeds will surely be required of all of us, even if it be only in the interior life, so I prefer to look to myself than to write blog posts. We are about to wake up and find ourselves in the nightmare of ages, and the only protection available to us will be what Our Lady’s intercession may provide.

God bless all men of good will.



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