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The Tree of Jesse: Divine Humanity in Root and Branch

The Tree of Jesse: Humanity Figured in Root and Branch

Man, as we learn from Aristotle, is by nature a political animal. This does not mean to say that every child of Adam “is either a little liberal, or else a little conservative.” It means that man is so constituted that for his melius esse he must be part of a poleis, or ‘state’. A livelihood of sorts is possible outside of this political order; but it is perforce a barbarous and wretched one.

The basic unit and pattern of human society is the natural family, comprising one father, one mother, and children. What the state is in macrocosm, the family is in microcosm, since in the natural order family life serves as our first school in all social interaction.

Save for what the bond of supernatural charity may avail, absolute equality is a sideshow. Functionally, the family unit is radically differentiated and hierarchical. As to vertical relationships, children depend on father and mother for providence and protection, both materially and spiritually, and are submissive to their authority. Wife depends on husband for providence and retributive justice if she is to raise children, and submits to his sovereign authority, which is from God.

As to horizontal relationships, husband and wife mutually supply one another’s weaknesses, both corporeal and spiritual, in different ways. Husband depends on wife if he is not to descend into barbarous and dissolute living. Wife depends on husband for emotional constancy and reassurance. Among children, there are junior and senior (twins excepted; but even they have to be born in series, rather than in parallel); the well-favoured, and the ill-favoured; the beautiful and the ugly; the good and the bad. And all live by the good graces of mummy and daddy.

Where all these “home truths” are acknowledged, and every party joyfully embraces the role nature has allotted him, a family will be happy and prosper. Where one or more of the parties resists or neglects his natural responsibilities, a family will suffer. A violent, unjust, slothful, or effeminate father will ruin his house and make his wife and children hate him. A contentious, nagging, or over-bold mother will ruin her house and make her husband and children hate her. Lax discipline will spoil children, and a child who dishonours his parents is like the devil of hell, and brings disgrace and a curse.

All of these things are a matter of common sense and common knowledge, albeit we are too much cowed into silence by the sissies and dykes who rule over us, or too much swayed by their myths, to acknowledge it.

Any theory which makes an idol of equality in human affairs will, necessarily, prove ultimately hostile to the family, because – as we have seen – the family is not an egalitarian institution. This is a lesson we have been learning the hard way for over half a century. Liberal enlightenment ideals, for all they seem to promise security and liberty for Christian values, for all that they are so deeply embedded in our culture, and for all that they are cherished by many good, conservative men, are ultimately of Satan, and antithetical to God and nature, and all that we hold dear.

If we want a state fit for peace under God and wholesome family life – which is to say, if we want a state that is not doomed to implode – we must discard liberal democracy and return to the organic politics of our forebears.


A Time to Keep Silence?

I can’t speak for any other contributor to this site but, in response to Mr Brown’s query, I have to say for my own part that I think I have had nothing to add to the conversation for weeks, and I don’t see that situation changing any time soon.

An Antichrist – if not THE Antichrist – is at the helm of the Church. The devils are swarming all over the world like they own the place. The Turk is not only at the gate, but actually within the gate. Our youth is pallow and wasted with dissolute and evil living. Our laws are farcical. Our government is in the hands of traitors. We’re going to war again in the Middle East.

So what else is new?

I believe this is a time of grace, sent by God for us to prepare for what is coming; the calm before the storm. Heroic deeds will surely be required of all of us, even if it be only in the interior life, so I prefer to look to myself than to write blog posts. We are about to wake up and find ourselves in the nightmare of ages, and the only protection available to us will be what Our Lady’s intercession may provide.

God bless all men of good will.